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Posted by amber on October 11, 2019
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General Questions to Ask a Realtor

How long have you been in the business?  It’s important you hire a real estate professional with experience, or who is a part of an experienced team.  While everyone needs to get started somewhere, and new professionals may provide you with excellent service, look for someone who answers this question in a way that showcases their support system and knowledge base.

What is your area of focus?  Some REALTORS® specialize in a certain neighbourhood, demographic or type of home, while others might work exclusively with buyers or sellers.  If you are in a niche market, you might want to consider a professional with related experience.

Are you a full-time REALTOR® Not all real estate professionals make real estate their full-time profession.  While selecting a REALTOR who pursues other opportunities to supplement their income might not pose a problem, you want to ask this question to be sure your chosen REALTOR® is available when it counts!

What makes you different from other REALTORS®? Whether it’s their speciality or an innovative marketing practice, no two professionals are exactly the same.  Choose someone who you connect with.

Do you have any references?  You should be reading reviews on popular review websites such as Google and Facebook (and seeing if they take the time to respond) but you should also ask for a few names and numbers of past clients to call.

What are your preferred communication methods?  In today’s modern world, there are so many ways to stay in touch including email, telephone, texting, social media, instant messaging etc.  Be sure to ask what they consider an appropriate ‘get back to you by’ time for when you leave a message or send an email.

Do you have a team working with you?  Here’s where you’ll learn more about the REALTORS® support beyond their brokerage.  Many work on a team of other REALTORS® which means you will be well-looked-after if your chosen REALTOR® is away.  Many successful real estate professionals will employ an administrative assistant to look after the office work, which leaves them more time to help their clients.  Some also have internal marketing professionals to help market their listings and their brand.

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